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ways to cook egg

Different Easy Ways to Cook Eggs before Consumption

FACT ABOUT EGG Eggs are flexible, self-contained packages of protein and nutrients that are appropriate for any meal. For most people without heart disease or...
wrong dieting tips

Mordern Nutrition: The 7 Wrong Roads on Dieting

Many of us are harming ourselves by taking too much of everything. Not only drugs can be abused, food too can be abused. Abusing...
breakfast importance

Why you must not miss your Breakfast

So many people start their day without food. The adults take a quick cup of coffee and an increasing number of children get to...
berbecue meat and cancer

Report Showed Barbecued meat Increase the risk of Cancer

Cancer, also known as a malignant tumor or malignant neoplasm, is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade...

Beware of Food Contamination and Poisoning in Africa

One undermining fact about food poisoning is that it happens every day by our habits or attitude. Another thing is that, the level of...

Natural Fruits for Healthy Kidney

The kidney is one of the most essential parts of the body responsible for clearing waste product after digestion. Not just only digested food,...

9 Foods That Naturally Boost Metabolism

Your metabolism is partly ruled by genetics, but you can rev it up naturally by eating right. Fill up on the following nine foods...
betel nut as additive foods

Addictive Foods and their Harmful Consequences

Most of us are affectionate of at least one product that has the effect of a stimulant and that ultimately becomes an addiction. These...
symptoms of pneumonia

Pneumonia: All you need to Know about

Pneumonia is a breathing (respiratory) condition in which there is an infection of the lungs according to the United States National library of Medicine. Pneumonia...
nutritional benefit of carrot

The Nutritional Benefit of Eating Carrot

So many people eat so many food and fruits that we know little or nothing about, so is the case of carrot, many eat...
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