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A Tea that works against sicknesses has been unveiled in Nigeria

Live life with the natural The nature has a great advantage and influence on whether directly or indirectly. Man has been provided with all essential...

Micronutrients That Improve Heart Health

Micronutrients That Improve Heart Health Do you know how energy is produced in your body? 90% of people answering this question will say that energy...

10 Health benefits of playing and watching football

Your hobby is your health Every hobby define your health status and general well-being. In other words your lifestyle is your health; some people habit...

5 Must Make Health Resolutions for the New Year.

I'm sure we all make resolutions as we enter a new year. Some we get to fulfill, some others just stay on paper or...

5 Non-drug treatment(s) for Pains and Inflammation

Solution to pains Everybody get to feel pains at one point or the other. Some pains may need more therapy asides drugs to manage them...
creative exercise

10 Core Creative Exercises For Women

You can’t make excuses when it comes to your fitness, right? No matter how busy you are, you need to be in good shape and health. It’s...

The Benefits of Running for Weight-Loss

Running For Weight-Loss You want a great body and a perfect shape. Obviously you are controlling your calorie intake, but are you moving your butt? You...
stress and high blood pressure

Stress and High Blood Presure

Last week we started a series on stress and how to manage it, we discussed on different types of stress we have and how...
causes of pain in the body

The common traumatic pain; Neuropathic pain

The common traumatic pain; Neuropathic pain Pain has been a major health challenge in the world right now because of lifestyle, sudden accident and so...

Stay Healthy Through the Year without a Sickness

Tired of skipping days of school or work because you have a cold or a fever? Do you get the flu every year without...
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