The Surprising reasons why you need Calcium in Pregnancy

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The Challenges of Pregnancy

Often a times, I have heard of pregnant women complain of having had joint pain or muscle cramps which could be as a result of many factors of which I would briefly talk about one. In so many situations this causative factor I want to talk about does not require  use of analgesics. Please, let me quickly chip in this before I continue that pregnant women be very careful of the analgesics they use and make sure they consult their physicians before they use any analgesic.

Your baby just need Calcium

Back to our story; Sorry for the brief diversion. Just felt it would be necessary to mention before I continue this write-up. The growing fetus in the womb so desires calcium that if he/she could fly out to get calcium needed would of course do such speedily. Well, that was just on a lighter note to emphasize how much the need for calcium in the fetus is. Anyway back to the real life scenario, when the growing fetus does not get enough calcium as needed from diet or supplement passed through the supplement the wise fetus looks for another means which is drawing from the mother’s own store. As the baby continues to draw up calcium from the mother, if there isn’t proper replenishing by the mother she gets into a hypoglycemic state which thus exposes her to muscle cramps and joint pains due to the weakness of the bone, hence, the need for proper calcium in Pregnancy (supplementation in pregnant women).

Calcium is not a so rare commodity as this can be obtained in foods, fruits or by drug supplementation. Before I continue, I remember a story I heard from a woman in one of my visits to the hospital. Her story goes thus, ” It was after my delivery of my baby girl, I knew that every baby born is a product of what the mother ingested during pregnancy. Well, my baby girl was delivered with a slightly above normal weight expected of babies not because she looked big or chubby but she was said to have large and strong bones. It was then I remember I had consumed crabs every day of my pregnancy because it was my major pregnancy craving”.

Well, let me continue by listing the other sources of calcium because I’m sure someone is saying ‘But I hate crabs’.

These sources include:


Examples are soybean, oatmeal, milk, yogurt, cheese and sardine.


Examples are spinach, okra, oranges, almond, avocado, blackberries and prunes.


We have often been told that Vitamin D enhances availability of calcium for bone building. Well, I’m here to remind you of this fact again.

Remember the primary school tale of early morning sun? Anyway, let me give you a brief breakdown. Vitamin D can be obtained from the photolytic conversion that is to say the sun with its ‘magical wand’ converts cholesterol to Vitamin D. So this Mr.Sun in its pure form helps increase Vitamin D stores in the body. However, note, preferably the early morning sun not the scorching sun between noon and dusk that has got its own deleterious effect on the body. Since Vitamin D helps make calcium available, for your calcium you need Vitamin D.

Nature is so perfect such that most natural sources (food, fruits and vegetables) of calcium often tag along with them Vitamin D. In math, we would call that the right hand side is equal to the left hand side thus the equation is balanced.

The role of magnesium and zinc in bone supplement cannot be overemphasize. These minerals also make sure that the process by which Calcium does its work is further enhanced. Trace elements does great things to the body system especially when consistent through the natural and synthetic dosage forms.


1) Ensure you do not take foods that would harm your health because they contain calcium

2) Fruits that contain calcium but contraindicated in pregnancy should be avoided.

3) Do not take calcium exceeding what’s recommended per day in pregnancy as the help you think you are rendering your unborn baby would have rebound effect that could hurt the innocent fetus.

Dosage of Calcium in Pregnancy

According to W.H.O, “The recommended calcium intake for women who are pregnant is 1.5g-2g of elemental calcium (1g of elemental calcium equals 2.5g of calcium carbonate or 4g of calcium citrate).

My Conclusion

However, on this note I do rest my case as regards this matter. Help spread the news to pregnant women that calcium is essential to them and their developing baby.

In addition to this, all pregnant women should ensure taking their necessary supplements is paramount to them and visiting the clinic for regular check-ups.

Let us all in one voice say ‘No to more infant and maternal mortality’

Do have a nice time and stay healthy for No Health, No Wealth

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