10 Health benefits of playing and watching football

Your hobby is your health

Every hobby define your health status and general well-being. In other words your lifestyle is your health; some people habit could be watching or playing football and we going to tell you the effects of playing football on your body system.

Let’s go straight to what playing football does to the body as well as watching football;

Benefits discovered from a random sampling interview of football lovers across Nigeria and the rest includes;

  1. Relaxation: it helps you to relax your nerves after work or a stressful engagement, relaxing helps to give calm and proper nervous co-ordination in the body.
  2. Regulate blood pressure and pulse rate. Playing football or watching football causes a controlled elevation and depression of the heart rate simultaneously, therefore regulated blood pressure is better achieved.
  3. Mood improvement. Watching football is a non-pharmacological (no drug) treatment model for depressed patient. It can improve your mood when depressed. It also stimulated neuronal activities in the brain.
  4. Aerobic activities. These activities also help to increase oxygen supplies into the body and improve breathing as well as carbon dioxide is also released out of the body out of the body.
  5. Fitness. Playing keep you sharp, alert, and you develop compact joints and muscles. When you wake-up you feel very healthy and smart when you constantly involve yourself.
  6. Increased digestion. Physical activities increase digestion of food as well maintaining easy stools.
  7. Improves your sex life. The physical activity improves production of sex hormones and other enzymes responsible for sexual pleasure. Orgasm is better achieved making your sex life very interesting.
  8. Cognitive ability. Football involves how you can intellectually judge your opponents and shoot pass the keeper into the net. Your sense of judgment; utilized every time on the pitch. This style helps to improve your memory especially the frontal lobe and the media cortex.
  9. Pulse rate. An average athlete is shows low pulse rate according to medical researches. Playing will make you have a controlled pulse rate and these will prevent you from cardiovascular disease conditions.
  10. Weight control. Running while playing help to burn excess fat from the body system.

No matter how busy you are; always rock your body with some sports for good health and proper fitness.

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