Basic Precautions You Need To Take When Using Medicated Creams


Good day to you my readers. I do not have to define what creams are as we all know creams because it is something we use everyday. Do you know that some of these creams we use are medicated creams? What makes a medicated cream? The presence of these active ingredients makes a medicated cream.

Medicated creams are not for aesthetic uses neither are they used to improve appearance but rather used in treating, curing, preventing or to diagnose. It is a common thing in the pharmacy for mothers to stop by to get ‘triple-action based’ medicated creams for their babies . When asked why, responses received include;

‘I mix it with my baby’s cream for the baby’s skin to smoothen up’; ‘I use it to deal with my baby’s nappy rashes’. Such things among others prompt mothers to get these creams for their babies. Not only are babies sufferers of ‘triple-action based’ cream abuse but also the adults are not left out. These creams consist ; 1) The antibacterial moeity 2) The antifungal moeity 3) The antiinflammatory moeity.

The antibacterial moeity acts in such a way as to topically eradicate bacteria. Topical antibiotics include gentamycin and neomycin while the antifungal moeity works to deal with every fungus that is disturbing the skin. Antifungals include ketoconazole and clotrimazole among others while the anti-inflammatory consists of steroids such as bethametasone, triamcinolone, fluticasone, mometasone, clobetasol, clobetasone, fludroxycortide, fluocinonide and alcometasone.


         Note the following details and salient information on these medicated creams:
1) The antibacterial and antifungal moeity can cause destruction of the normal skin flora if used not when needed; preferably medicated creams is for a short while.

If the cause of skin problem is of bacterial origin or fungal origin; preferably appropriate creams be used instead of just the abuse with the use of ‘triple-action’ medicated cream. If bacterial skin infection, a topical anti-bacterial cream would be fine and an anti-fungal cream would do just to fungal infections other things being equal.

2) In the point above,I’m sure you might have wondered why I ended the statement with other things being equal. Well, it boils down to the fact that underlying cause of skin infection be sorted. Sometimes, even lack of hygiene worsens medical conditions. Other times, what is essential is even for oral drugs be taken and there are times that skin infection could be as a result of another health condition or a compromised immune. If the underlying cause of a skin infection is known,  treating with creams would not be for long and reinfection would most times not occur.
3) I would start this point with this illustration; do you know that the wider a goal post the easier it is to score. Same applies to topical application of medicated creams. So therefore, unto yourself do good-by applying medicated creams only in affected areas because increased surface area application would lead to increased absorption especially in babies whose skins are maturing.
4) For long-term use; in creams containing steroids, there would be a rebound effect. Ever wonder why during the use of medicated cream, the condition becomes worse on discontinuation of its application. This effect is called rebound effect. Many a times, inflamed skins; caused due to factors such as hygiene or transmission from sharing things with an infected person’s. So considering using medicated creams for a short while and contact a dermatologist if symptoms persist.
5) Impairs wound healing

Creams containing steroids impairs wound healing on long-term use. Are you a chronic user of creams containing steroids? I bet you would have noticed that wounds especially in areas constantly where the cream applied does not get healed on time. So please give due consideration when using creams with steroid.

6) Do you know that creams containing steroids age the skin? My dear readers, I bet your quest is to stay and look younger than you presently are; then do not abuse medicated creams and do not subscribe to using medicated creams as a moisturizer.


Well, I would not end this article without saying these few words; abuse of medicated creams is by:-

1) Prolonged usage

2) Indiscriminate usage

3) Application to other unaffected part

4) Use as moisturizer


Alright my dear readers, do have a blissful week and be very thoughtful before getting a medicated cream.

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