Things you can do to Boost your Appetite for Nutritional meals


Eating is an irreplaceable practice that determines our physiological well-being; in facts without food nobody can stay alive. What you eat or drink determines how healthy you will be at any point.

Foods are drugs?

A food is a substance when taken in, affects both anatomical and physiological actions of the body as it affects growth, movement, respiration, reproduction, excretion, energy level and many more.

So is it for drugs, which are chemical substances that show strong pharmacological and physiological actions on the body.

Your appetite and how you get nutrients from food

Ability to have a feeling to eat and digest it appropriately is a strong factor that determines how food affects our health. Your appetite can make you stick with one kind of food or varieties of foods. Some foods are occasionally taken because of their availability and can affect the ratio of vitamin, carbohydrate, protein, mineral and fibre intake.

Taking the same foods or specific group of food repeatedly can make you loss appetite. Forgetting to eat a particular food can also cause anorexia and disease in the body makes eating difficult.

Our environment and climatic condition affects our appetite

Availability of food is largely determined by amount of rainfall, sunlight and humidity and making it impossible to have these foods either in large measure or otherwise. And our appetite is likely to conform to this model of food distribution and intake ratio.

How do you improve your appetite and get a balanced diet

Make a food roster. Design a good eating plan for yourself and family; make it in a way that there will be a balance between all the classes of food. Also choose the food based on your possibility of time to cook the meal.

If you can’t make a roster these is what you must keep in mind to boost your appetite, to eat well and not miss up on necessary vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients;

  1. Don’t eat the same food every two days.
  2. Snack sometimes when you are to take solid meals.
  3. Take fruits in-between meals they are natural appetite stimulants.
  4. Think of foods you ate long time ago and prepare it.
  5. Don’t eat too much because of indigestion; this can make you lose interest in the food when next you offered.
  6. Take enough water after food to ensure early digestion of the meal; then you easily develop a healthy appetite for another food.
  7. Make your fruits to juice and combine few to stimulate your appetite and device excellent methods of storing your foods.

Eat well to stay healthy……




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