Why there is increased anxiety and depression these days


Why has anxiety increased these days?

I have noticed an increase in the number of medications for depression and anxiety from hospitals. More so many patients now come for my counseling desk to seek the solution to symptoms of depression and generalized anxiety.

Anxiety and depression can damage your lifestyle for a long time and decrease your productivity in every aspect. Therefore been conversant with this condition because it also take time to recover.

What are the causes of anxiety and depression this day?

  1. Financial challenges. The economic recession has really done so much harm to Nigerian citizens, and it making a big turn on our health. Lack of money to feed at home, pay children school fees, house rent, electricity bills, water supply and the rest can bring up sleepless night, loss of appetite, psychological fear, hallucination and generalized anxiety sets in.
  2. Relationship or marital challenges. Young women get very emotional when problem erupt with their partner especially in cases of unfaithfulness (or cheating). These issues disrupt the mind and ends up affecting the brain neuronal function. They develop symptoms of migraine, lack of appetite, insomnia, obsession, elevated blood pressure with pulse rate, chest ulcer, neuropathic pain at the body extremities and depression sets in.
  3. Employment status. Idleness experienced by our graduates can cause a disturbed mind, increased frustration results depression.
  4. Death. Demise of a loved one can cause sleeplessness, disturbed mind, elevated blood pressure, loss of appetite and incessant high body temperature at all time as it finally graduates to depression.
  5. Unforgiveness. Holding grudges against someone especially when wronged in the past or when you cheated can make you develop generalized anxiety as early and possible. This is a result of continuous thought of regrets, complains and obsession which could even make it more difficult to recover early.
  6. Abuse of narcotics. Abuse of drugs that cause dependence will definitely cause anxiety and depression. Tramadol, benzodiazepam, pentazocin, cocaine, nicotine, heroin, and others.
  7. Stress

Note: Generalized anxiety and depression takes a long time in recovery as medication and psychological therapy; initiated at the same time with welfare training.

How to avoid to depression and anxiety in these days?

  • Engage in activities that will bring you leisure and happiness like playing football, games (video games, hard board games), chats and hangouts.
  • Visit a doctor and psychologists to help you medically tackle depression and anxiety
  • Adhere strictly to medication prescribed by the physician.
  • Start a small business that will keep your productive and with financial means.
  • Forgive anyone that have offended because all human are not the same and believe only you can make you happy.
  • Quit alcohol and other dependent drugs.
  • Make a list your activities everyday and delegate responsibilities.

Keep these tips you can have a sound mind throughout the year and survive the impact of the economy on our health..

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