Abuse of Paracetamol in Children


Paracetamol for my baby

‘Good afternoon ma, please do you have paracetamol syrup; my baby is having a high temperature; when I finish this bottle; I believe my baby would be okay” and then it registers in my medulla oblongata that this child which is about 2yrs wouldn’t need to finish a bottle of paracetamol syrup which is usually packaged as 100mls; by calculation the child would need to use 5mls thrice daily for three days which would sum up to 45mls;and then my reaction became, “Wow, mother of baby why do you want to commit a criminal offense to your child’s health, haven’t you heard consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

This is just an example of the many wrong actions many mothers take as regards their child’s health. For today, I would center on acetaminophen commonly known as paracetamol. Paracetamol in syrup dosage form for children formulated as 125mg/5ml in syrup form for children and its dosage are as thus;

Up to 1yr; 2.5mls thrice daily

1yr-6yrs; 5mls thrice daily

6yrs-12yrs; 10mls thrice daily

Dosage shouldn’t exceed four times in a day and if symptoms persists beyond 3days consult your doctor. Its indications are pains, feverish conditions, cold symptoms and headaches.

However, fever is a symptom of many illnesses like malaria, typhoid among others because fever is actually one of the body’s own defense mechanism against ‘funny foreign materials’ which are usually deposits from external microorganisms. So, the important thing isn’t just treating the fever but also what is causing the fever.

However, acetaminophen toxicity is not a rare thing especially because of the abuse in the usage of paracetamol as the drug been communed by all. Then note that excessive usage of acetaminophen causes hepatotoxicity thus damaging the liver. Some other parents worsen the situation by com administering paracetamol with other medications that contain paracetamol to a baby thus giving the baby an overdose.

The livers of many babies are crying out for help and deliverance from toxicity of the abuse of paracetamol as a result of wrong decisions as regards the usage of paracetamol taken by the mothers of the babies.

Acetaminophen;been manufactured for a good cause, please let us all learn not to abuse this cause and turn it into a disadvantage for us.

Save a live today

Save a child

On using acetaminophen for that child, if symptoms persist beyond 3days; please consult your doctor and, ‘guess what’? You could have saved another life.

Do have a great time this year; meet you on this page next week.

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