The Abuse of Dexamethasone (Xasten) in Nigeria

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    The drug dexamethasone

    When side effects of a drug become an indication for its use is the case of dexamethasone also known with different funny brand names in the western region of Nigeria.

    Sitting down in the community pharmacy one sunny afternoon, a lady steps in and asks for dexamethasone saying she needed it to recover from her recently emancipated state.I looked down upon her in pity and counseled her on the ills of this that it is she planned on doing. I remember telling her that this solution to her small problem is the origin of a problem that could lead to little or no solution on long term. I am very sure some of you my readers are inquisitive as to why this is so. Well, my story begins now;

    Dexamethasone is a type of medicine known as a corticosteroid; a derivative of a hormone produced naturally by the adrenal glands. It is a steroid used for:-

    Returning hormone levels to normal in adrenal hyperplasia; Reducing swelling in the brain or raised pressure in the skull associated with brain tumors; Preventing nausea or vomiting associated with chemotherapy or cancer; Severe allergic reactions; Rheumatoid arthritis, amongst many other uses.

    However, a lot of people especially women have taken it upon themselves to abuse this drug for aesthetic purposes. An example according to, ‘Dexamethasone is given in legal Bangladeshi hotels to prostitutes not of legal age causing weight gain aimed at making them appear healthier and older to customers and police.

    Now, I’m sure a reader of mine is saying this to his or her very self that why is this writer saying dexamethasone use for appearance is an abuse.

    Long term effects

    Well, do you know that dexamethasone on long term use or abuse also does the followings:-

    1) It decreases the number of white blood cells (soldiers of the body) circulating in the body thus decreasing the body’s natural immune response and increasing one’s susceptibility to infections.

    Let me ask this question, ‘if the defense system of a country or bank is weak; what would be expected? Guess you have the answer already.

    2) It causes moon face, truncal obesity with stretch marks and severe acne due to high concentration of cortisol.

    I would not fail to shed more light on this before moving on.

    Truncal obesity is a condition in which fat is primarily stored around the trunk of the body. Those who suffer from truncal obesity are more likely to suffer serious health conditions, (

    3) High extracellular sodium leading to edema and later could result to increased blood pressure.

    4) As a result of lactate and protein breakdown and lipolysis from the abuse of dexamethasone; the muscles would become weak.

    I am sure you do not need more points on this issue of abuse of dexamethasone.

    Do you feel emancipated and really need an improvement in body mass; eating healthy foods (not junks please), fruits and adequate rest is the key. However multivitamins and food supplements should be used rather than abuse dexamethasone and if you have any problem with dependence on dexa (xasten) or on any medical issue please feel free to call me Tope Ijaola Rapheal, Pharmacist on +2348063529019, +2348021291599, +2349068888027. With just $15 (not less #5,475 depending on forex ) you will get your life back and you have a great future in 3 months….. Prime Vetbest Consulatant 0122808847 Wema Bank Nigeria. You will definitely be fine.

    On this note this very sunny afternoon when it is I am arranging this write-up specially for you my pleasant readers; I do humbly step out with this message ”Abuse of dexamethasone poses great risk to an individual’s health”

    Bye my readers meet you on this page next week and stay healthy.

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