A Tea that works against sicknesses has been unveiled in Nigeria

Live life with the natural

The nature has a great advantage and influence on whether directly or indirectly. Man has been provided with all essential things to make him live healthy and happy. It only depends on her ability to find and use these resources.

Science has grown to give us a lot of discoveries to guarantee our resistance to sickness and disease conditions through preventive medicine practices. Innovations haven’t seized to strive and will continue to make life easier.

Organs damage, fatigue and infections are the highest killing conditions all over the world but the irony is that God has provided every country the necessary things to prevent and treat this killing conditions; it is working, and will continue to work.

Natural Internal poisons

This term refers to metabolites that are not removed from the body. When we take foods or drinks, some get digested, while some excreted as waste products, but unfortunately not all get excreted from the body. These substances build up in the body over time and become toxins or internal poisons in the body.


The Julie Manny Tea

It is the precious Moringa tea which does the following to the body:

Nutrient package: The tea provides the body with sufficient amount of Vitamin A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; and protein.

Reduce inflammations in the body.  Chronic diseases like respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and obesity are caused by inflammation in the cells. This same tea reduces inflammation in the body by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and proteins in the body.

Reduction in diabetic symptoms: Diabetes can happen to anyone irrespective of the genetic makeup of parents, but proper management is key; we have patients who have lived more than forty years with diabetics through conscious healthy practices. This tea reduces diabetic symptoms and controls the level of sugar in the body.

Cardiovascular protection

Hypertension caused by excess cholesterol built-up in the system and formation of plaques around the arteries is basically lowered when you take the tea regularly after checking your blood pressure.

Brain health function:This tea contains Vitamin E and C which fights oxidation. it is also a neurotransmitter enhancer owing from his ability to normalize serotonin and improves the memory.

Liver protection: this tea improves the efficiency of the biggest organ in the body. Taking it not less than thrice weekly does the following. If you are Hepatitis B or C positive, it strengthens your liver from failing. If there are natural internal toxins in your body the tea protects the liver from been affected by the toxins basically through a process called Reverse Oxidation.

Antimicrobial ability: the food we eat every day is not 100% sterile, because some food and water we take could be contaminated with micro- organisms; during wound cut, sexually transmitted diseases, dirty clothes, stalled foods or ingredients ingested accidentally are other sources of diseases to our body. The antimicrobial power of the tea naturally destroys bacteria and fungi ingested through these sources into the body.

Wound healing

Taking the tea every morning helps you develop an excellent blood-clotting time, when you have a scratch, cut or wound; bleeding stop earlier than expected.


Take the Julie Manny tea not less than five times in a week, to stay active all day and get a soothing night rest. It comes in different variants.

Moringa Classic, Moringa with Lemon, Moringa with Ginger, Moringa with Bitter leaf & Moringa with Ugu (Pumpkin Leaves)

Order for a tea today at the cheapest prize from anywhere in the world we will deliver it to you.

Call or text your order for you and the family from JULIE MANNY PRODUCTS LIMITED on +2348033041588 +2348033264221

Also to juliemannyproductsltd@gmail.com

Ensure you and the family take Julie Manny tea…Be free from sicknesses….

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