Mordern Nutrition: The 7 Wrong Roads on Dieting

    wrong dieting tips

    Many of us are harming ourselves by taking too much of everything. Not only drugs can be abused, food too can be abused. Abusing food is when you are taking too much of sugar, too much fat, too much cholesterol and too much salt. Eating foods that contain these things is good but taking excess of these things are harmful to our body system. That’s poor dieting

    The seven wrong roads on Dieting are;

    1. SUGAR- Sugar is a white crystalline carbohydrate used as a sweetener and preservative. Researchers have it that sugar accounts for 20 percent of most people’s daily calories. We should limit our sugar intake, cakes, candy, cookies, drinks should be limited or should be saved for special occasions to prevent increase in the blood sugar level as well as other diseases.
    2. REFINED FOODS- Must people think that refined foods are the best because roughages are removed. But now it has been discovered that fiber protects us from cancers, stabilizing blood sugar, controlling weight and other health problems. Therefore the intake of processed foods should be limited.
    3. SALT- Salt contains two minerals, sodium and chloride used to preserve and season food. Sodium is the most important ones; every cell contains sodium, as do all body fluids. All though it is good for metabolism, sodium can cause a lot of harm. Harms like high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease and more sad results. Use minimal salts during cooking, etc. limit foods or snacks with high level of salt like pickles, crackers, soy sauce, salted popcorn, nuts, chips, etc.
    4. FAT- Most of us do not know they consume 37 percent of fat daily on an average. This amount of fat is too much for the body. Fat is a vital part of every living cell. Fat is also the body’s backup fuel system. We would not be totally healthy without fat in our diets. The problem comes when we eat too much fat which the body cannot handle therefore leading to heart and brains diseases, overweight, adult diabetes and certain cancers. Butter, margarine, cooking and salad oils, meat, cheeses, eggs and whole milk should be limited.
    5. PROTEIN- As we all know protein is a body building food it helps in the repair of tissues in the body. Protein can found in meat and other animal produce as well as plants. Protein is very essential in the body but once eaten too much it is harmful leading to kidney disease, grout and osteoporosis. Large amount of meat and dairy products are not needed, vegetables sources are ideal to produce your body with all the protein it needs.
    6. BEVERAGES- Soda pop, beer, coffee, tea, sweet drinks, etc. These drinks are loaded with sugar and alcohol they can play havoc with blood sugar level and sabotage weight control efforts. These drinks are good but the only issue is getting addicted or taking too much of these drinks. Excess of this beverages pose health risk.
    7. SNACKS- Snacks is a light informal meal taken in schools, day-care centers even hospitals. Most people snack for many reasons rather than hunger, some say it reliefs them of stress. These habits though satisfying is harmful can cause indigestion, heart-burn, mental dullness and weight gain. The calories you get from snacking can be added up to an extra meal. Many people are able to control their weight by kicking the snack habit. These could be done by eating adequate meals high in complex carbohydrate and fiber. These meals will provide you with the steady energy you need to make it from one meal to the next without snacking.

    Too much! Too much sugar, refined foods, salt, fat, protein, beverages, and snacks in our diet is a deadly mix. Only by eating less of these substances and eating more whole plant foods can we enjoy optimum health and energy.


       He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.

    PROVERBS 21:23




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    5 years ago

    In a case of an athlete, a sprinter to be precise, would prefer to take cereals and carbohydrates in order to help shape the body and enhances speed when on track. Whats Your suggestion Concerning that please?

    Mathew Olusayo, Diabetes Educator; CDE
    Reply to  Autovations

    Hi Autoivation, thanks for stopping by, i found this post awesome. It will answer your question.

    5 years ago


    5 years ago

    plssss…. you’ve not really told us how to limit our daily intakes…. you’ve only told us that we should limit it….. So please how can we limit the intakes of too much food?

    Africa Linked
    2 years ago

    Nice information. Thanks for sharing