Variety of addictive substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

The government called the effort a war against the abused drugs. Many manufacturing companies shut to cut availability of Codeine and Tramadol, Pharmacies also instructed by regulatory bodies to withdraw the drugs and awareness lectures done. These measures are very good and we commend the government. A lot of lectures and further awareness by affiliate bodies to reduce addiction in the country; but it’s very important for regulatory bodies to further research the problems responsible for addiction to Codeine, and Tramadol in the country.

In addition to cut open sale of the abused drugs and medicines in the country; political will should be invested in solving why people get the level of abusing drugs. My work experience with addicts has made it easy for me give categories or type of reasons why people abuse Tramadol, Codeine syrups and other substances in Nigeria.


Anyone can abuse any substance; when the sale of codeine and Tramadol ends another group of substance will be abuse. After the ban on codeine and Tramadol, addicts now ask for other common syrups and medications that could mimic the hard drugs. The issue of addiction is a big one, even developed countries still fight opioid addiction.


Why do people still take the abused drugs?

  1. Adverts messages. Advertising product is a very good method of marketing whether directly or indirectly. Adverts have so much grown in Nigeria and Africa that several licensed methods are utilised by companies to reach their targeted customers. Medications and substances which carry messages opposite to what the long-term use can do to the body will mislead consumers; making them go for the product every time. For example some alcoholic products carry messages that will make customers go for them every time.
  2. People abuse drugs because of depression. Depression is a silent in both developed and developing countries after hypertension and its on the rise in Nigeria. people tend to believe, their problems can be easily forgotten by using the abused drugs and addiction sets in.
  3. Insomnia. Lack of sleep affect a high percentage of old people, but it is not news that many of our youths now battle insomnia because of lack, joblessness, relationship problems or emotional stress, physical stress, addiction to phone and therefore result to the abused drugs.
  4. Pain management. Most youths that abuse Pentazocine; a potent analgesic injection, started by taking the injection; Codeine is also formulated as a tablet in treating chronic pains in ulcer and cancer. Remember the king of pop, Micheal Jackson was by overdose of propofol; a medication for management of pain.
  5. Loneliness. When you don’t have anything to do or anyone talk to, you develop a dependence on something to keep you busy. In Northern Nigeria, the abuse of codeine discovered among married women is because they only stay at home without any emotional care. Therefore they will need something to keep them in euphoria shape and therefore result to the abused drugs. https://www.vbhealth.com.ng/abuse-dexamethasone-xasten/2016/
  6. Peer pressure. Most youth also develop addiction because of peer or mentors influence like Celebrities in Music and Movies keeping them to the abused drugs.
  7. Hard labour. The abused drugs produce a stimulant effect on the body and can help anyone do more work. In fact its assumed; if not taken will make the work slow or unproductive.


It’s very important for government and NGOs to include these factors as part of their awareness practices. Let solve this causes and addiction will naturally reduce in the continent.


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