4 Major Reasons Why We Fall Sick

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Why do we fall sick?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the use of drugs at all times is not advisable because they can affect you through the discovered side effects and the ones yet to be discovered. Preventive medicine should always be encouraged because prevention will always be better than cure.

One cardinal reason why there is spread of diseases

The environment is a wide concept that refers to the surroundings, atmospheric conditions, as well as effect of both living and non-living things in the environment. It is widely controlled by human activities, it unfortunate that in Africa we treat the environment with an unconscious mind that when the environment is treated wrongly, it fights back and we end up suffering the consequences.

We will greatly blame it on ignorance and low publicity by the regulatory agencies. This has prompted me to start the campaign #keep Africa clean and #keep Nigeria clean.

Ways we endanger our lives through the environment

  • Dirty environment
  • Burning of bushes
  • Noise pollution
  • Lack of desire to plant a tree

Dirty Environment

Throwing waste like wrappers, plastics, sachets, spoilt food stuff, urinating, faeces and stagnant water in our immediate surroundings keep it dirty at all times.

It invites harmful foreign bodies

A dirty environment breeds the presence of insects like mosquitoes, weevils, spiders, cockroaches, ants, termites; Rodents also invade the surrounding. This in-turn leads to malaria, intestinal yeast infections, skin infection, diarrhoea, respiratory infection, ulcer, vaginal infection and other systemic infection.

Water contamination

An unclean environment increases the possibility of contamination of our water especially the ones for domestic uses like drinking, bathing, and cleaning, soiled by coliforms. This increases the prevalence of typhoid, fever, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases.

It high time we pay a strict and conscious attention to contamination of water in our home and industries. You get to some industries in Africa and you marvel at their methods of sewage disposal as well as the pollution caused by poor sewage disposal.

Lead and other chemical poisoning

Containers, old cooking utensils, writing materials and so on are made of lead, mercury, benzene; when not properly disposed can contaminate our food and drinks leading to conditions like Cancer, Liver cirrhosis, Kidney failure and leukemia in the continent.

Solutions to this problem in the continent

  1. Let us keep our environment clean by daily and weekly sanitation.
  2. Employ the use of waste bins regularly.
  3. Employ the use of thick polythene bags to pack all forms of waste.
  4. Be conscious of your source of water as well as preservation.
  5. Clean all crevices in the house regularly.
  6. Government of various countries should provide waste bins across the countries and state.
  7. The legislators should come up with laws that will prohibit indiscriminate dumping of waste.
  8. The National Orientation Agencies in every country should do more work in enlightening people on the need to always keep the environment clean.
  9. Countries should also employ the waste recycling method

“A clean environment gives life, keep you far from diseases conditions and preserve your state of mind”.

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