Continuation on Supplements

    Some weeks ago I started this topic on supplement but did not bring it to a conclusion until now.

    Well for those that have not read the introductory part of this topic,I would recommend you check and just briefly read through the first part of this subject.

    As at the last time we treated four dont’s, now we would continue from there.

    5) Some supplements interact with drugs used for treatment

    Examples of such interaction include; ginseng and warfarin, Ginkgo biloba and trazodone.

    Before you take any supplement; make sure your physician know especially if you are on other medications. This case is like the case of giving water to a drowning man. At that point, he does not need water though water is important to him. Applying this scenario to the ginseng and warfarin tale, the drowning man is likened to someone with heart failure that is on warfarin while the ginseng is likened to the water. Ginseng; no doubt is a good supplement but contraindicated in some patients undergoing certain medications. So is it for many supplements and some drug medications.

    Of course you would not want to use a supplement that interacts with your drug causing effects, you did not expect, making your drug ineffective, making the drug over effective thus creating an overdose for you at the normal dose you have been on before inclusion of the supplement.

    6) For those that party with lots of supplements at the same time; do you know that some supplements interact with other supplements? Ginkgo biloba and fish oil may cause bleeding (, calcium supplements are known to inhibit ferrous supplements when taken with food and is based on a chemical reaction in the system (hope you know chemical reactions do not just happen in the laboratory?) called chelation. It is like forceful chemical marriage, thereby leading to formation of something entirely different (complex) from the original plan and intent of the consumer.

    This entirely different entity which could either be completely inactive or even poisonous, is not something a sane man would want in his biological system. So ensure that your physician helps to check your supplements if you are taking more than one supplement to prevent ‘illegal marriage’ (just kidding though). No two supplements that do not complement each other are used concomitantly.

    7) In some cases of supplementation; there are even dangers or unexpected effect. As our faces are different so is our body make-up. Ensure you consult your physician if there is any unexpected and bizarre result from the onset of introduction of the supplement. What is sauce for the goose in this case might actually not be sauce for the gander.

    The fact that it worked for Mr. A your friend without any side effect does not necessarily mean that it would do the same to you.

    Sometimes you could be allergic to the product itself. Example is cod liver oil which some people especially those who are allergic to fish product are equally allergic to.

    Do not hesitate insisting that your body might adjust and thus procrastinate your visit to the physician. Please do make it a serious call to duty to the safety of your health and preservation of your life by not procrastinating that visit. For that one moment act of procrastination can cause a lifetime of regrets.

    8) Buying supplements from sugar-coated road side unprofessional peddlers without adequate information is also dangerous. I remember at a point; the sale of ginseng containing multivitamins/supplements was a trend for these peddlers. If you were an ignorant fellow, you would buy into their sweetly rehearsed story of Mr. Ginseng but many do not know that Ginseng contraindicates in hypertensive patient? Well, a lot that buy do not know until a refill of their hypertensive drug along the ginseng supplement when the pharmacist would raise an alarm to this dangerous step by such patient. This example is just one of many.

    I know we feel supplements are just ‘supplements’, yet still before you introduce it to your system make sure you consult your physician or health professional.

    Supplements are essential to the body and so, as we use them we have to use them correctly and in such a way that we derive greatest benefit from them without causing any harm whether short-term or long-term to our body system.

    Before I round off this article, I would just give a little brief of examples of supplements in the drug market.

    For the eye; we have xanthine, lutein, yeast

    For skin care; selenium, omega 369

    For sugar level control; cinnamon

    For immunity; selenium

    For general body care; ginseng, omega 369

    For brain function; Gingko biloba

    For joint function; garlic, omega 369

    For female health and hormone; evening primrose oil

    This list is however inexhaustible. Just gave few examples.

    I would end this article with this message on every supplement pack, ‘This drug is not intended to cure, treat or diagnose any ailment or to replace any drug prescribed by your physician’

    Alright, my dear readers do have a wonderful week ahead.

    In my next article on this page, you would be treating ‘Eye supplements’ so make sure you stay tuned to be sure you do not miss out.

    Most important I need you all my dear readers to stay focus in staying healthy. Sound health is good living.

    Bye till next time on this page.


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