Once upon a time and still in present times, existed and still existing is the story of how various patients react and handle their drugs.

Before I continue, I would say compliments of this great season to you all. Happy merry celebrations in advance. Hope you did not miss out on last week’s write-up? Well, here I am bringing you to another world of health today. And by the time you are done reading this, you would decide where you belong if any.

In relations to my little experience in the drug usage world, I have come to realize that these 5 types of patient exist and I come across with them daily. These patients are :-


This type of patients in our world are very serious offenders to start with. Before, I continue let us define what drug compliance is. According to the medical dictionary, Drug compliance is ‘The reliability of the patient in using a prescribed medication exactly as ordered by the physician’. The non-compliant do everything that kills this definition and this could be as a result of:

i) They do not like the taste of drugs

ii) They cannot withstand the side effects that come with the drug especially for chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes.

iii) The drug dosage regimen is not something they can cope with like antibiotics that need usage 6hourly.

iv) They are impatient with treatment outcomes and cannot just wait for a ‘sudden miracle’ with the drug as though the drug would give a fast reaction as would a bullet or an atomic bomb.


I also call this patient, ‘placebo patient’ because at the end of the day that is what they are usually given. I’m sure someone is saying ‘save us from these ‘jargons’. Okay before I continue let me do the saving by giving a brief definitions of hypochondria and placebo.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Hypochondria is a condition in which a person is inordinately worried about having a serious illness’.

According to Wikipedia, ‘A placebo is a substance or treatment with no active therapeutic effect. A placebo may be given to a person to deceive the recipient into thinking that it is an active treatment’.

I saw a film recently of a mother that wanted to control her child’s sugar consumption. In a bid to do that, she made him go to the pharmacy for a refill prescription for a sugar-lowering drug. The drug given to him actually contained no active ingredient. The drug was just like a supplement but the boy was made to believe otherwise. Some patients that have been over-stressed or over-worried and need just sleep and adequate rest to solve issues like headache and sleeplessness would claim illnesses and just start wanting to use drugs. They are usually placed on placebos which are mostly dietary supplements just to fulfill their desires of wanting to swallow a pill.

Some patients just always enjoy a visit to the physician’s most times all in the name of being desperately careful of their health. Well, I am not an antagonist of regular health checks just an antagonist of swallowing pills when unnecessary.


Every country’s drug regulatory body ensures every drug in the country gives results it claims to have; ensuring the quantity and quality of its active ingredient are as claimed. So there is not any such thing as ‘If it is not by ……… company ,it would not work’.

This type of patient would rather not use any drug than settle for other brands asides that which they obsessed with. These group of patients however have a ‘clause’ and ‘but’ which we would be talking about also in next week’s article


Many a time, regulated herbal drugs are considered complimentary rather than the main drugs. Many of their packs always come with this caption, ‘Not intended to cure, treat or diagnose any ailment’. But this means nothing to the herbal patient. Worse still is the fact that some even buy unregulated herbal drugs from roadside peddlers whose ultimate aim is to make profit and not the end state of health of the user.

I know of such a one that sells one herbal drug like that and claims it works for all sexually transmitted infections both of bacterial and fungal origin. He even claims this drug he sells helps fertility. He continues with heresy and falsehood in science that every infection is caused by S.aureus and that is the drug’s specific target. Well,what do you expect from the ignorant when he would have started introduction of his sales calling the big biological names like Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and Streptococcus spp to bamboozle the people leaving them in awe of such ‘mighty names’ that are like a wonder to them.

Yet still are those that buy herbal drinks. Many of these drinks have “yet to be determined” toxicity level and other times prescribed with no precise dosage form. The herbal patients believe chemicals kill and the natural drugs are better.


These type of patient are of the mindset that the cure to every illness is directly proportional to the number of pills they swallow. Some would go to different physicians, accumulate many drugs and then start using them indiscriminately.

Often heard patients complain of severe pain that believe an analgesic would not work because of severity of the pain. Some would go as far as using three same generic drugs of different brand names unknowingly. Whatever they’re told as against this falls on deaf ears as they have become physicians of themselves.

Others unknowingly become such patients by not reminding every new physician they meet of their drug history. Once had a patient that bought drugs for her diabetic condition, while she was arranging the drugs in her nylon I discovered she had others so I told her to show me the former drugs she was using. Non hesitantly, she did this and to my surprise some drugs were same class as the new ones and others were different brands. She said she intended to use all together until I told her there was no need for that and explained the harms of what she intended to embark on.

So, having read all five classes, the question I have for you is ‘Which do you belong to’?. Please leave your comment. I am sure some belong to more than one class. Well, now is not the time to judge our faults and mistakes but rather to correct them.

By next week, you would be reading on tips to being able to surpass what your flaws to drugs; based on the group you belong to .

Always remember, the way you use a drug affects the results the drug gives your body.

Stay healthy and remain wealthy.






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