How Codeine is increasingly killing people


    Every once in a while on the street, I see another lad with a codeine containing cough syrup.Not only are the young lads carried along, the older ones are not left out as they are a part of the ‘codeine band’.

    Codeine is a weak opioid and because it is not as strong as morphine and heroine, it has become one used to replace heavy opioids.

    Before I continue in this article,I would like to give a brief introduction of who ‘Mr.Codeine’ is. Well, Mr.Codeine is a member of the opioid family which have strong dependence, withdrawal and addiction property attached with harmful health effects and even DEATH. Hope I did not scare you with the word ‘death’ I just mentioned? Well, let me continue my story.

    In this opioid families, his ‘siblings’ include morphine,heroine and oxycodone. However, it’s a weak opioid meaning it has less addictive, withdrawal and dependence properties. Drugs in this opioid family including codeine helps to relieve pain by acting on the nervous system where they bind to opioid receptors in the brain, spinal cord and other areas of the body. As good and cool as they seem in their family, there is more to what is inside their box.

    The reasons why you should not abuse codeine virtually based on the three effects of codeine called ADW (Addiction, Dependence and Withdrawal). Why not join to me to meet these triplet effects ;


    Well, you should not take codeine indiscriminately because it is addictive. For every time you abuse it (i.e use indiscriminately without complying to the physician’s prescription), you sell your soul to Mr.Codeine ; you would want to use it more and this would lead to dependence.


    Do you want to know what dependence is? Well, drug dependence is when an individual’s body system seems not  ‘okay’ without the use of a drug, it is at this that tolerance sets in.

    When for every prolonged use of these drugs; an increased dose has to be used for desired outcomes. For this reasons, physicians that have placed patients on opioids would still yet make sure there is proper monitoring.

    Well,now that we have seen what developmental stages occur with opioids of which family it belongs; we would see that once a patient then gets dependent……………..

    Please do not be in a hurry, let us move on to the ‘W’ point.


    Well,once the system then recognises that codeine is part of its make-up and on abrupt discontinuation, the following delitarious effects called withdrawal syndrome come up. These syndrome include agitation, anxiety, dehydration, fatigue, muscle aches, sweating, nausea and vomiting.

    So I would close this week with this,

    Once you start with codeine, you would tend towards abusing it.

    Once you abuse it, you would become addicted and dependent meaning you would need to take increased doses to feel satisfied.

    Once you are dependent, you would experience serious withdrawal syndrome that would not want to make you stop.

    So think twice; you could help yourself or another by not even trying it when not necessary and if you have; the earlier you stop the better because an OVERDOSE can lead to RESPIRATORY COLLAPSE and then DEATH.

    Save yourself!!!!!!!!

    Save others!!!!!!!!!!

    Save the world!!!!!!!

    Till next week again, my talk on this topic continues and help reduce the ever-growing ‘codeine addict’ population.


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