Abortion: Things you don’t know about it

Abortion this days

It’s obviously on the increase, especially in countries that has no regulations binding evacuation of foetus (baby).

From observation and count analysis on my counseling desk, at least three women ask for abortion pills every week either through a physician or recommendation by a quack.

Comparing the ratio of Births to Abortion; the gap is wide because of increased sexual desires, drug/substance abuse,rapes, ignorance of contraceptive’s as well as economic hardship are responsible for high demands of the evacuation pills.

The contraceptives

My recommendation is for Africans and other continents to increase awareness on use of contraceptives as a great tool for family planning as well as for the single. This will reduce abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.

According to my research with patients, the best method of contraception is the use of pills and physical barriers. Provided you don’t react to these pills, it’s better to agree with your partner to switch between pills and physical barriers.

Advantage of this method of contraception

It reduces chronic use of the pills, therefore lower side effects. Health workers should encourage the use of this method for families.

Threatened Abortion

It’s influenced by major changes in hormonal secretions in the body, stress, domestic violence and use of drugs contraindicated in pregnancy. We have seen women which test positive to pregnancy and experience abortion after few days or weeks.

Things that happens when you abort pregnancy or threatened

  1. It causes hormonal imbalance

    Any episode of abortion you experience alters the rate at which essential hormones for pregnancy are secreted in your body and can predispose you to some unpleasant conditions.

  2. Excessive bleeding that reduces your cellular blood volume

    Your Packed cell volume (PCV) and other blood counts reduce drastically during abortion because of excess bleeding and it sometimes take that much effort to optimally build your blood level.

  3. Uterine damage may occur

    The use of pills could unfortunately lead to a damage in the uterus (also called the womb) through perforation and further rupture.

  4. Retained products and infections

    When It’s incomplete, there will be some left-over of the foetus and when not evacuated immediately, It leads to infections at the urinary tract or at the uterus; called Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases which can reduce your chances of conceiving next time.

  5. Cervical, Ovarian and Liver cancer

    Women with a history of abortion have been observed to be at a risk of cancer compared with women with no history of abortion. At a ratio of 2.3.

  6. It could also lead to endometritis which especially occurs in teenagers than married women.
  7. Further complication of labour.


Abortion can be avoided by appropriate use of contraceptives and must also be handle by qualified health professionals.

Live well and stay alive, everyone need you….

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