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Falling Sick and Challenges to Living Healthy- Series 1

Challenges to Healthy living as it is now It is a pity that falling sick with of so many common and uncommon diseases is the most...

Cough and catarrh; Standing firm in the season of flu

  The truth about Flu (influenza) Nasal congestion caused by flu infection happens every season of the year, but increase in prevalence occurs at a particular...
Making up


  The use of Makeup Hi friends, in this episode, we will be looking at some infections that can result from use of makeup and how...

The Common Drugs you must always take On an Empty Stomach and their effects

A lot of people are used to the concept of taking drugs after meal. Most people basically assume all drugs are to be taken...
over weight woman

The Abuse of Dexamethasone (Xasten) in Nigeria

    The drug dexamethasone When side effects of a drug become an indication for its use is the case of dexamethasone also known with different funny...
Stroke patient

Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke). What you should know about it.

  What is Stroke? A stroke or cerebrovascular accident is a type of brain injury. This injury is mostly caused by blockage or rupture in the...
pharmacist suggesting medical drug to buyer in pharmacy drugstore

Six Must-Check when Buying Drugs!

Pharmacists/pharmacist assistants sometimes can be overworked putting you at risk of dispensing error. We bring you a list of six things you can do...

5 Common Addictive Drugs You Should Be Careful about

Addictive drugs have become popular in our society. It is quite unfortunate that some patients (addicted) will do anything to get such drugs from pharmacy shops and hospitals...

The health wonders of Cranberry and its juice

CRANBERRY JUICE HEALTH BENEFITS Hello. How has your week been so far? We are talking about a type of juice today; the cranberry juice. Cranberry...
Pregnant woman with stretch marks

Natural Remedies for Removing Stretch Marks – Part 2

Other Methods Hello Everyone, I hope you were able to learn more on stretch marks from our last session. Honestly, stretch marks can be very...
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