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advantages of eggs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Eggs

As I always say when it comes to maintaining balance between the good and the bad, moderation is always the surest way. Eggs contains...

Your Health and The Monkey’s Banana

Really!!! A new week it is already. Good day to you all. It is another week again and here I am this time with this...
pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Irregular Menstrual Flow

Many people say pelvic inflammatory disease is a challenge in ladies, but men could have a problem at the pelvic region. We are not going...
benefit paracetamol tablet

Paracetamol – 5 Things You Should know!!!

Paracetamol is one of the most widely used over-the-counter (O.T.C.) analgesic and antipyretic medication. The reasons are not far-fetched; the easy accessibility and its...

Proteins; Sources, Functions and Benefits

It is derived from a Greek word proteos meaning primary. Proteins are the major component of any living organisms. Proteins are formed by the...
health careers

Exciting Health Careers You Might Want To Consider

The health sector is a large compartment in the world economy today as well as in different countries. It is graded as an indispensable...
benefits of apple

Apples and Your Health: The Health Benefits

Welcome to this new week. We would fruitfully start this week with this ‘fruity fruit’ called apple. Malus domestica as the apple fruit is...

Lassa Fever: Fact Sheets, Signs and Symptoms

Lassa Fever Threat With the daily rise in the toll of patients being lost to Lassa fever and the increasing population of in-patients especially in...
garden egg


Let me start this week’s article with this question. Is garden egg a fruit? Read on to know how eating eggplant can be of great...


How have the holidays been going for you? Interesting I guess and probably stress-free as I hoped the holiday would have been an avenue...
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