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live healthy in 2016

10 Resolution You Should Make to Live a Healthy Life Style in 2016.

Make up your mind to complement your busy schedule with enough rest. I was in a chat with a friend and patient who is a...
dangers of untreated diabetes:diabetes death

What You Should Know about Death and Diabetes

  Death and Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic, often debilitating, and sometimes fatal disease that occur when there are problems with the production and use of...
common cold in winter and harmattan

7 Ways to Live Strong In Harmattan And Winter Season

  Live Strong In The Harmattan And Winter Season This is a season that we have a fug atmosphere with dry and very cold air. Equipments...
stress and brief reactive psychosis


STRESS AND BRIEF REACTIVE PSYCHOSIS It has been the stress series and here we are again. The stress series isn’t through in case you were...
Cancer of foods

Cancer and Food: The Good and The Bad

CANCER AND FOOD Cancer and food share a lot of intertwined advantages and disadvantages at the same time. It is good to know certain types...
vitamins in orange

Top Ten Natural Sources of Important Vitamins and Minerals

Top Ten Natural Sources of Important Vitamins and Minerals Vitamins are very easy to find if you know where to look. Meats, grains, fruits and...
stress triggers asthma

How Stress Can Triggers Asthma

STRESS AND ASTHMA I hope you have not missed out on the previous ‘stress series’ where we discussed the; Meaning and management of stress Stress and...
ways to cook egg

Different Easy Ways to Cook Eggs before Consumption

FACT ABOUT EGG Eggs are flexible, self-contained packages of protein and nutrients that are appropriate for any meal. For most people without heart disease or...
wrong dieting tips

Mordern Nutrition: The 7 Wrong Roads on Dieting

Many of us are harming ourselves by taking too much of everything. Not only drugs can be abused, food too can be abused. Abusing...
Alcohol and Pregnancy

Pregnancy: What You Need to Avoid

  Pregnancy Basic Truth One basic truth in pregnancy is that not every food can be eaten, not all medications can be taken and some lifestyles...
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