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    The New Year is already a reality as January kicks off. Many occurrences will unfold in the health sector and our personal health status won’t be left out; in Nigeria and Africa at large.

    This is not prophesying but a decent prediction made to the economic challenges and status of Nigeria and African countries. We will also give you tips on how you can go through the year safe and healthy.

    Things that will happen

    1. Increase in the price of drugs and treatments. In Africa and Nigeria more than 50 % of drugs used in treatments are imported to the country and few pharmaceutical companies that produce here; get their raw materials outside the continent. Due to the high exchange rates it will be increasingly difficult to get this drugs and raw materials cheap and therefore prices will continue to sky-rocket in the year.
    2. More chemical industries will close down. Following the difficulty in sourcing for raw materials at a cheaper rate and purchasing equipment. Some industries won’t cope at a particular time. This problem can only be solved when the Governments collaborate with the pharmaceutical industries to build functional petrochemical plants in African countries.
    3. Herbal medicines will gain a bit of recognition. Some intelligent academician and production pharmacists have started work on some curative plants, an aspect which was a strength for Nigeria and the continent as a whole but we have failed to use it. When more work done on herbal medicine, herbal preparation will also dominate pharmacy shops this year.
    4. Health workers strike. In Nigeria, some health facilities are down for months now because of payment of salaries and other related problem. This might continue except the government become proactive in solving the problem.
    5. Increase in the number of depressive cases, generalized anxiety and other mental illnesses. Due to financial difficulties of citizens, increased marital problems, a lot of people will start having mental challenges if proper psychological precautions are not taken. It is advisable for you to work on their mind, follow healthy tips to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid this terrible illness.
    6. Preventive medicine will be more encouraged. A lot done about this concept; but only a few number of the population comply. Many Africans will not cope with the cost of going under the knife and other expensive treatments. Preventive method to live healthy will gain recognition in the year.


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