Marriage: 10 Things every couple must know about child bearing


    A Child after marriage?

    Child bearing after marriage is of utmost priority in most regions of the world. They believe as soon as a possible after marriage, there must be a next visit to congratulate the couple of a bouncing baby girl or boy.

    If it’s doesn’t happen, a call of great concern for the couple, parents and well-wishers. A lot of homes have separated or suffered intermittent crisis owning to the challenges of waiting to conceive or manage several cases of miscarriage. Another side is the reproductive status of the man. That makes child-bearing more difficult.

    Have had a lot of couples for referral; battling with the challenge of producing a child because of reproductive issues and other related problems and I have made some basic conclusion I will give you in this piece.

    The Quest to have babies

    It’s ultimate that when a man and woman has an intercourse, it definitely produce a zygote (child); (all other things been equal). But some circumstances either planned or not could militate against this natural occurrence.

    Some people get so anxious, that once they still see their menstruation after three-months after marriage, its assumed that there is a problem; or even when they continue to see it few years after their first child.

    The facts you should know and or accept when expecting to have a child

    1. When consulting medical interventions on delay; never target the woman alone. A lot of cases of long-term delay; have been discovered to be a problem of the man. The woman is always the first center of concern when there a delay especially in this part of the world.
    2. You can still find it difficult to conceive after your first child. This is sometimes referred as Secondary Infertility owning to one or two factors. But lifestyle has been largely associated with secondary infertility; therefore be careful.
    3. A delay doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with both of you. All that is important for new couple is to check their fertility status. One to three years of delay may not means there is something wrong with you or your partner. Patience and a regular checkup are key values.
    4. Your sex life. It very good for couple to learn how to calculate their Ovulation period .When you target your ovulation period, it increases the woman’s chances of pregnancy. Sexual pleasure is often guaranteed because at ovulation a woman has a high urge to have fun as well vaginal secretions that makes sex less painful; initiating proper fusion of the egg and sperm.
    5. Your past is very important. When you abuse contraceptives before marriage, or involved in so many sexual activities or even have a history of a sexually transmitted infection, it could predispose you to infertility.


    Effects of Contraceptive Abuse

    Chronic use of contraceptives alters the hormonal secretion level because of the association between estrogen and progesterone. The use of all drug contraception can predispose you to cancer. The hormones like estrogen can cause endometrial cancer especially when abnormally high in the body. But it is to tell you that abnormal level of estrogen could be induced by the chronic intake of levogestrol (a popular oral contraceptive).

    Unexpected breast milk discharge could also develop because levogestrol leads to imbalance in prolactin (hormone responsible for breast) in the body leading to problems with fertility

    1. Your diet matters. Feeding most on junks, cheese and pastries affects your reproductive ability as a man or woman. Focus more on natural foods that supports fertility.

    Foods that supports fertility and pregnancy in Women

    1. Papaya: the unripe papaya helps contraction of the muscle fibers of the womb and thus beneficial in securing a smooth menstrual flow. Cessation of menstruation is also addressed by papaya.
    2. Jambul fruits. Infusion of fresh tender leaves of jambul fruit, taken with honey or butter milk, is an effective remedy for sterility and infertility due to Ovarian or endometrium functional disorder. The leaves presumably stimulate secretion of progesterone hormones and help absorption of vitamin E.
    3. Honey. It’s has the ability to indirectly influence  fertility of women and a potent sexual stimulant.
    In men : Black and Green gram and Almond fruit
    1. Watch the signs of hormonal imbalance. An inconsistency in natural secretions (especially hormones) like estrogen, prolactin, and androgen as well testosterone limits your ability to have a child at this period of life.
    2. There are some uncommon signs of infertility in women. Changes in hair growth, problems with menstruation and changes in sexual function means there is something wrong with your reproductive system.
    3. Fibroid in women; fibroid is an outgrowth in the uterus (called womb). Use of contraceptive can increase the size of the fibroid and makes child-bearing difficult as well as prolong severe stomach pain later in life.
    4. Infertility is not a death sentence. You can have your child if you do the right things.

    When waiting have these things in mind and if still single, practice them. Having a child is a great feeling.


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