10 Resolution You Should Make to Live a Healthy Life Style in 2016.

    live healthy in 2016
    1. Make up your mind to complement your busy schedule with enough rest.

    I was in a chat with a friend and patient who is a clinical representative for one of the famous pharmaceuticals in the country. He suddenly developed elevated blood pressure at the end of the second quarter of the year. All medical tests and sign proved he was fine but the elevated pulse rate and pressure persisted. It was then concluded that he was reacting external forces. He ended up admitting that he had been under the pressure of meeting targets, balance of account and product promotions.

    With a routine of adequate rest he got better and vital signs became regulated.

    Determine you will always get enough sleep after your work to avoid the negative results of stress.

    1. Increase your fruit intake. This is one thing we must take seriously and I encourage you to follow the website as we take you through the medicinal benefits of the available fruits provided by nature. Do more on your fruit intake because this will keep your healthy and make you live longer.
    2. Detect your allergies. Allergies are body’s natural reaction to anything. it could be food, drinks, air, dust, light, chemicals in creams, perfumes and so on. They can make life unbearable for a short time. Allergies go with times especially when you stay away from them and allergies differ with body system of individuals. Continuous and longtime exposure to an allergy can damage your health by affecting any close organ in the body.

    Watch your body reaction to things so that allergic reaction will not limit your productivity in the New Year.

    1. Strive to take balanced diet. Don’t feed on carbohydrates throughout the day and weeks. Combine with protein, little fats, vitamins and fibers. Fibers make digestion and stooling easier preventing constipation, indigestion and pile. Proteins help to indirectly balance the sugar level in the body system especially for diabetic patients. It also tones the skin, build tissues, veins and boost the immune system.
    2. Always exercise. We counsel people on exercise but a lot of people are still reluctant to do it or regularly. Light exercise keeps you fit, improve your posture, prevents high blood pressure and most importantly fatigue. Fatigue could make you feel very sick making you think have a serious ailment even after some medications. Just an episode of light exercise get tune body back to normal
    3. Keep your environment clean. A clean surrounding keeps your fear from disease and sudden infections.
    4. Always visit a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, physiotherapist or any other health professional for health advices. Don’t wait till you are sick before you seek medical advices.
    5. Improve your health knowledge. The same way we read the news and celebrity gossips, read about disease and articles that will help you live healthy.
    6. Give someone something always. Harvard University on things that can bring happiness, one of the conclusions of the research is that happiness (joy) comes when you give someone something.
    7. Laugh often. No matter the conclusion, laugh and make friends with lively people. Attend comedy shows; it can keep your mind healthy.
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