10 Habits you will Pay for in the Next Ten years

What you do every day

Our habits are what we do, who we are because it defines us and we’re exposed to them every day of our lives. Therefore it automatically determines our present and future state of health.

Bet me! Some things we do now will definitely come to hurt us in the future and I’m going to point your attention to them.

However, toxicity or lethality; often determined by length of exposure to anything and invariably have a strong influence on how you will be as close as the next 10 years.

What are those things?




  1. Pen in the mouth always.

This could lead to accumulation of benzene present in plastics pen cases. Putting it in the mouth often gradually consistent make the plastic dissolve in the mouth and that predisposes you to cancer.

      2. Biting the nails.

This could lead to deposits of germs from the nails which might accumulates and lead to chronic ailments in the body.



    3. Using a headset.

This will go a long way to affect your ear and the sound frequency would also lead to Sinusitis which takes a long time in the management and can also make you uncomfortable.




  1. Watching television.

This hobbies is most pronounced, research on statistibrain.com says the average time spent to watch TV through lifetime is 9 years and blacks spend not less than 7 minutes while whites spends 5 minutes. Watching television often causes fatigue, obesity and diabetes. In other words you predisposed to these conditions after a short while.

5. Stress.

This causes extreme fatigue, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, grey hairs and mental illnesses like depression, bipolar affective disorder.

  1. Masturbating.

Masturbation directly causes premature ejaculation, possible sterility, sex addiction and loss of concentration.

   7.  Alcohol and drugs substances.

In few years, addiction to alcohol leads to cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, weight gain and high blood pressure. The issue of alcohol and drugs cannot be over emphasized because it has killed millions of potentials. Drug abuse leads to mental illness, withdrawal symptoms and death.

  1. Skipping meals and breakfast.

Loss of appetite, wrinkled skin, deficiency in vitamins, ulcer, loss of weight and some other effects become evident in your body.

  1. Keeping phones in the pocket.

Sterility and radioactive toxicity which could lead to cancer and necrospermia in male while

  1. Staying close to a Mast. These could put you at a risk of radioactive toxicity and lead to cancer as well as sinusitis from sound waves.


Notes these things; to adjust and live a healthy life style…..Vetbest love you and we want you to stay alive.


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