10 Common conditions in children


10 Common conditions in children

Growth in children could come up with so many challenges I must say; starting from birth till adolescent age especially when it comes to proper care and monitoring.

This can be attributed to some potential factors like Weak immune system because immune system has been discovered to get stronger with age.

Another factor is Unconscious exposure of our wards to organism and adverse condition which can affect them greatly and they are common condition that immediately shows up. Lastly is Organ development which can post a little challenge in the child.

We want you to know, prepare for them and seek immediate medical intervention from a doctor or any qualified health professional close to you. Natural and pharmacological methods will be disseminated to you on how to manage these conditions as well as preventive measures. Apply wisdom to every folkloric tales given to you by well-wishers (or unqualified care givers).

  1. Baby cholic. This commonly occurs immediately after birth as a result of the cutting of the baby’s umbilical cord. The baby cries day and night at the few weeks after birth.
  2. Common cold and Pneumonia. Baby’s exposure to cold and much fresh air could cause sneeze, running nose and cough. Pneumonia and any other respiratory infection leads to persistent cough, fever and vomiting in children making it difficult for them to feed and perform their normal activities.
  3. Post immunization effects. This includes pain, erythema and inflammation from injection site, fever and malaise and they generally happen within the 1-2 days of immunization. However some reaction could also occur as a result to a reaction to the vaccine content. Always report to your doctor or pharmacist if you see anything strange after immunization for proper intervention, because some vaccine special contents.
  4. Teething. This could be accompanied by high temperature in some children especially for the growth of the incisor (teeth for cutting) or canine (teeth for tearing objects).
  5. Diarrhea. Frequent stools and vomiting could suddenly start when they‘re growing up. If you closely study your baby, at the time baby starts developing the teeth, the gums become itchy and quiet painful. The baby start scratching either with the tongue or the hands; and this same hand has been used to touch some many things unconsciously. This finally leads to uncontrolled stools and vomiting in some cases.
  6. Conjunctivitis This may occur during birth due to infection in the mother’s reproductive system before and or after delivery. Discharges from the eye, itchy and reddish eye balls occur in children conjunctivitis.
  7. Mumps. A viral infection leading to inflammation of some parts of the body like the chin and other parts of the face and is self-limiting. In other words its runs its cause and leave without medications within a short period of time.
  8. Otitis media. Inflammation of the middle ear; it is accompanied by discharge from the ear and pain. The baby cries often when her ear is touched. Proper test and treatment should be taken when discovered.
  9. Skin and soft tissue infections. Development of sores and graduated wounds is very common in children especially in the tropics. The baby itch the skin often and the sores increases in size and also spreads to all parts of the body.
  10. Malaria                                                                                                                        We want you and your baby to live well and be happy                                                                                                                                       REFERENCE                                                                                                                1. Pharmaceutical Emdex, the complete drug formulary for health professionals;2009Page 596.


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