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12 things to do this time of the year to develop a high energy...

  How to develop a high energy life Successful people in the world will say to make it; you must have the knowledge, infrastructure, hard work...

Natural Foods that contains Vitamin C

Good health To grow healthy requires proper identification with knowledge which they call real wisdom; Application of knowledge at produce the desired result, and your...

The health benefits of Psychotherapy

    What Is Psychotherapy and How Exactly Does It Help? Most people have heard the term “psychotherapy”, but don’t have an accurate concept of what it...
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A Tea that works against sicknesses has been unveiled in Nigeria

Live life with the natural The nature has a great advantage and influence on whether directly or indirectly. Man has been provided with all essential...

The health benefits of Psychotherapy

    What Is Psychotherapy and How Exactly Does It Help? Most people have heard the term “psychotherapy”, but don’t have an accurate concept of what it...


Complaining you want to put on? These are practical steps that work

Simple steps to add Weight and be Healthy The body needs supplements at every time to keep it going and stay healthy. Food is very...

Abuse of Paracetamol in Children

Paracetamol for my baby 'Good afternoon ma, please do you have paracetamol syrup; my baby is having a high temperature; when I finish this bottle;...

How to Prevent Measles and its Complications

What is Measles?   Measles is a childhood infection caused by a virus. Once quite common, measles can now almost always be prevented with a vaccine....
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How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odour- Part 2

Still on vaginal odour Vaginal odour is very popular problem that has negative effects on many women, but fortunately there are a number of natural...
stomach pain

Stomach Pain; Causes and Emergency Aids

I was in the church in one of these days when I receive a call from one of the patients who visits our medical...
stress triggers asthma

How Stress Can Triggers Asthma

STRESS AND ASTHMA I hope you have not missed out on the previous ‘stress series’ where we discussed the; Meaning and management of stress Stress and...



Natural Foods For an Healthy Sight

Foods that are good for the Eye Hello, e-family. How was the weekend? Hope you have been eating healthily? Today, we are looking at foods that...

Importance of taking Omega-3-Fish oil

Ekundayo Sayo and Ijaola  Tope       Why you need Omega 3 Fish oil in your body system. Hi readers, Lovely week I hope you are having...
stomach ulcer

Diets For Stomach Ulcer

A stomach ulcer is a sore in the inner lining of the stomach. Ulcers form when the intestine or stomach's protective layer is broken down. It is...