Hello everyone, during our last series we discussed extensively on Acne –causes and types, differences between Acne and Pimples. In this series, we shall be considering some Home Remedies for treatment of Acne and Pimples. The following natural items can be used:

  • Egg White
  • Papaya
  • Orange Peel Paste
  • Banana Peel
  • Sugar scrub
  • Aloe vera
  • Potato
  • Oatmeal boost
  • Avocado & honey mask
  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Egg whites are an easy and affordable way to help reduce acne and fade scars left by unfortunate blemishes. The reason egg white has been found helpful for the skin is because it is chock full of proteins and vitamins that both combat acne, and help to rebuild skin cells. Egg whites also soak up excess sebum, which means less stuff for bacteria to feed on. But make sure you use a good moisturizer afterwards as they can dry your skin out a bit.


2 to 3 Egg whites (separated from the yolk)


Wash Cloth


  • Rinse your face with water and pat dry.
  • Separate the whites from the yolk.
  • Whisk the whites until they are frothy and let it sit for few minutes.
  • Cover your face with the mixture by applying it on your face with your fingertips focusing on the areas affected.
  • Allow the mask to sit and dry for about 20minutes before rinsing off completely with warm water and a patting dry with a soft washcloth.
  • Apply moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.


Papaya is an essential ingredient in a lot of beauty products in the market today. Plain raw papaya is an all-natural acne remedy that removes dead skin cells and excess lipids from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Lipids are a general term for fats, of which oil is a form of. Papaya also contains an enzyme called Papain, which reduces inflammation and helps prevent the pus from forming.


1 Fresh papaya


  • Rinse your face with water and pat dry.
  • Mash up the flesh of the papaya well until it is of a consistency that can be easily applied on the skin.
  • Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off completely with warm water.
  • If your skin has a tendency to get dry after cleansing it, use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type afterwards.


Oranges taste rejuvenating and refreshing; our skin can find them just as appealing as our taste buds do. Acne that is caused by bacteria and extra oil/dead skin cells clogging up pores may improve the use of an orange peel face mask, thanks to Vitamin C, citric acid and its astringent  properties. Vitamin C is particularly helpful because it promotes the growth of healthy cells, keeping your skin in better condition.


2 Orange peels

Clean water


  • Rinse your face with clean water and pat dry.
  • Grind/pound up your orange peels, you can use a blender, mortal and pestle or anything that can get the job done and add a little water to create a paste.
  • Once you have the right consistency, apply it to your face.
  • Wait for 20-30 minutes, ideally the mask should be firm but it can still work if it is not .
  • Rinse off completely with water, pat your face dry and apply a good moisturizer.

We will continue from here in the next series.

Let us know if you have tried it and how it works………




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